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A root canal is a dental procedure to remove dead or dying nerve tissue and bacteria from inside a tooth. We use a numbing medicine (anesthetic) around the bad tooth. Next, your dentist uses a tiny drill to remove the top part of your tooth and expose the pulp. Pulp is made up of nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue. It is found inside the tooth and runs to the jaw bone. Pulp supplies blood to a tooth and allows you to feel sensations such as temperature. The infected pulp is removed with special tools called files. The canals (tiny pathways inside the tooth) are cleaned. Medicines may be placed into the area to make sure all the germs are gone and prevent further infection. The cleaned tooth area is sealed with a soft, temporary material. Once the tooth is filled, a permanent crown may be placed on top. You may be given antibiotics to treat and prevent infection.


A root canal is done if you have an infection that affects the nerve in the root of a tooth. Generally, there is pain and swelling in the area. The infection can be the result of a tooth crack, cavity, or injury. A root canal can save your tooth. Without treatment, the tooth may become so damaged that it must be removed.



When a tooth hurts you need it fixed right away. A temporary root canal is a quick and affordable procedure that will help you feel better immediately. A permanent root canal and final restoration (crown or filling) will need to be scheduled within a few months to provide a long lasting result. However, a temporary root canal is an excellent way to feel better today.


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